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A message from Peta Pinson

November 19, 2021

What a four years it has been! As a first time Mayor I have experienced every crisis that could be thrown at our community. We even felt the effects of an Earthquake which was picked up whilst monitoring the Rawdon Island bridge.

I have navigated my way through all of this with a fighting spirit whilst doing my best to deliver on the expectation of the community whilst experiencing division and blocking by the majority of Councillors.

I do not feel that this term is the finish line for me but rather just one part of the journey to get to the starting line, which will be the next term of council.

So far, I have only shown you a glimpse of what I am capable of and I ask that you support me again to continue to be your Mayor.

This time, I also ask that you support me with electing my team of community champions who will support me in prioritising and delivering the core functions of Council for the benefit of the community.

Team Pinson is the only team seeking election who can
start the job without learning the ropes because you will be electing an experienced Mayor connected to community, two experienced former and current Councillors, a team member who is experienced in Government Grant funding lobbying and a young entrepreneur who has long invested in charity work and in building a successful business employing many people.

Our team of community champions are all business experienced, conservative in political persuasion and have an Economic Recovery Strategy ready to roll out if elected as a majority this December 4th.


Funding - Unlock the $340,000,000 Cash Stash

Building - Deliver Roads, Water & Sewer Infrastructure

Advocacy – Phone & Internet Reception
Support – Sports, Arts & Tourism, Business
Connect – Footpaths & Cycleways
Enhance – Parks, Gardens, Waterways
Traffic – Proactive traffic minimisation

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