Vote 1 Team Pinson for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

Economic Recovery Strategy

November 19, 2021

My Team is your team also and we will be strongly focussed on the following;

• Resolving not to increase rates for the full next term of the new Council

• Utilising some of the $340,000,000 cash stash to fast track long overdue strategic priorities for the region

• Supporting community projects such as Beach to Beach, Schools to Schools and Creek to Creek pathways

• Supporting better disability access and viewing platforms for Tacking Point Lighthouse

• Supporting the Tidal Pool committee in their vision for a tidal pool for our region

• Prioritising the Health and Recreation value of the Lake Cathie and Lake Innes systems

• Supporting local business by cutting Council red tape and delivering on our Economic Recovery Strategy that sees our business thrive, not just survive

• Supporting road projects that address traffic congestion

• Advocating for a road safety upgrade on the corner of King Creek Road and Oxley Highway

• Deleting the Orbital Road blue line that is currently on the table which is marked to demolish homes, school infrastructure and a multi-million dollar dementia village.

• Partnering with State and Federal Governments to co-fund infrastructure to cope with our continued growth

• Raising the Cowarra Dam Wall to ensure water security is provided for the needs of our growing regional community

• Championing the new Aquatic Centre for Port Macquarie

• Valuing our unique canals and working with residents to preserve our very special waterway system

• Advocating for a flyover at the intersection of Houston Mitchell Drive and Pacific Highway

• Protecting our environment and unique amenity by overhauling Council development processes

• Rebuilding and re-engineering Rocks Ferry Reserve to be enjoyed again by our community

• Investing in Christmas festivities each year to bring our community closer together

• Only focusing on core responsibilities of Council and advocating strongly for representation by Local Members of State and Federal Governments to help us respond to issues important to our community

• Focus on strategies to reducing erosion of beach on Illaroo Road Lake Cathie

For more information on our Economic Recovery Strategy please contact myself or our Team.

This next term of Council is under three years and there is so much to do. I ask you on December 4 to Vote 1 Pinson4Mayor and Vote 1 Team Pinson (Pinson-Roberts-Griffiths-Maltman and Slade) for Council.

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